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Consultant, "I like the unique work environment with colleagues as well as internal customers."

At CBC since:
April 2016

Master of Science in Business Administration

Currently my focus area is: 
Project Management

What are the three most important attributes or skills to be successful as a consultant?

  • Communication - Ability to communicate properly with different stakeholders 
  • Quality-oriented - Deliver flawless and outstanding results 
  • Reduce complexity - Structuring complex issues and topics

How did you begin your career?
My consulting career began in an early stage of my bachelor studies by joining a student business consultancy. By working for different major corporations (DAX-companies to family businesses), I grew with challenging tasks in the field of business process management and project management. 

What do you like the most about your job at CBC?
The whole CBC-organization, from consultants to management, sticks in an extraordinary degree to the four Continental Core Values (Freedom to Act, Trust, For One Another, Passion to Win). This creates a unique work environment with colleagues as well as internal customers.

What are you passionate about?
I like sports (volleyball, snowboarding, windsurfing, fitness), travelling and exploring new countries and socializing with people in order to get to know new cultures.

How do you usually spend your time when travelling via train or plane?
First action while entering a train or plane is to turn on the noise cancelling headphones. Depending on the mood I like to listen do different genres of music. Accompanied by a tablet I use spare time to read newspaper (FAZ and Handelsblatt) to stay up-to-date.